First Electrical Bike for Umag City Services

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The novelty is part of a wider project of sustainable development

The City of Umag has procured a first electric bike for its employees, all part of a megaproject “Umag: Smart City-Green City.” This project promotes sustainable development, responsible ecological resource management and ecological education of citizens, reports on June7, 2016. The bicycle will be used by municipal employees on a daily basis when performing their duties, mostly in the field during the summer months due to increased crowds, since it is a faster and more ecologically friendly means of transport. We have learned that besides the city services, bicycles will soon ba available for several city institutions.

“City of Umag is investing a lot of effort in sustainable development and promoting the green way of living and thinking, so we have decided to introduce the first electrical bike for our employees. Such activities benefit the protection of the environment and increase the quality of life in the city,” Umag Mayor Vili Bassanese pointed out.

Besides reducing traffic jams, the electrical bicycle is also a solution for the parking problem in the city centre, helps protect the environment and quality of life, with a positive health influence.

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