Love International Begins Tomorrow, Are You Ready?

Daniela Rogulj

With Love International beginning tomorrow, kicking off the series of music festivals taking over the town this summer, we thought it’d be wise to give you a few pointers to prepare you before your week of week of madness and pure bliss ensues.

Love International is in its first edition this year, carrying the throne from the former Garden Festival that reigned 10 years and made its mark on the town of Tisno. Although hard to compete, Love International was actually put forth by former Garden Festival members, fully ensuring us that this will be more of a continuation of what we know best than anything else. With 8 days of music, sun, sea, boat parties, after parties, the famous Barbarella’s Discotheque, and an overall damn good time, Love International has truly got it all.


Because the festival is starting tomorrow and you’re probably more worried about not missing your flight, bus, train, or mind, here are some things to take note of to ensure a stress free time in Tisno.


  • Tickets? Surely don’t forget those. Assuming many will have them picked up at the box office, the festival does ask you to bring your printed PayPal receipt to collect tickets – don’t forget that. Something to remember? If you haven’t purchased tickets, day passes, after party tickets and boat party tickets, you can still do so at the box office on site, but act quickly to avoid any disappointment. Tickets are no longer available online!
  • On to more important things, please don’t forget your passports, ID cards, or any form of identification that would hinder you from obtaining any of the above items (this goes for Credit Cards and cash as well).
  • As for the weather, it’s going to be a bit of a scorcher, but luckily staying a consident 31 degrees during the day and only dropping to about 21 degrees at night. Pack accordingly, and definitely pack sun cream, hats, and sunglasses to avoid getting any type of painful sunburn.
  • Getting to Tisno is easy, but will take a few busses. Easiest option would be to book with, recommended by the festival with shuttles direct to Tisno with other festival goers from the airport you are flying into.
    • If you’re flying into Split airport, you can hire a taxi but that will cost you a pretty penny. Other option is to take the airport shuttle bus from Split Airport to the main Split bus station, and get a bus to Zadar or Šibenik from there. Once you’ve arrived in Zadar or Šibenik there will be local busses or taxis (far cheaper) to take you to Tisno. Same goes from Zagreb airport.
    • From Zadar airport, you can take a the shuttle bus from the airport to Zadar bus station, and take a local bus from there.
    • You can also hire a car from the airport, which could potentially be cheaper than a taxi, so look into that option as well.


  • For when you’re at the festival, do have cash. There will be an ATM on site at the tourist office, but know that everything will need to be paid for in cash at the festival. Also remember, Croatia is on the Kuna, not the Euro.
  • The town of Tisno is only 2km from the festival site, utilize it during the day while the festival is quieter for beaches, bars, banks and restaurants. You can take the £4 taxi-train into town as well. Do try to eat in the town of Tisno, prices will be much lower, and you’ll find a plethora of options to choose from.

Last tip? Enjoy!



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