All COVID19-Related Restrictions on Croatian Borders Lifted!

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As of yesterday, any and all crossings of any Croatian borders, to any of Croatian neighbors, are exactly the same ...

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Building Bridges Between Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia

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We say building bridges between Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. It’s actually more a case of renovating and maintaining ...

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Hercegovac Begs Cro PM ‘Open Borders So I Can Send My Wife To Her Mother’

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The message from Hercegovac Ante Zovko (Ante Marinkov) was reposted on the Facebook page Imocki crnjaci where it picked up ...

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45 People With Fake PCR Tests Detained At Croatian Border In One Weekend

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Some 45 people tried to enter Croatia through the borders of one county with fake PCR tests this past weekend. ...


Dalmatia Town Opens Migrant Donation Center: Vrgovac, Croatia

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The Mayor of Vrgorac, located in the Dalmatia hinterland, who is urging citizens to donate unwanted reusable items, including clothing ...

Slovenes Begin Lobbying in Proceedings Against Croatia

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Croatia’s immediate neighbours to the north are determined to get their way.

Crossing Borders for Medicine, Slovenia Cheaper Option?

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It isn’t just petrol and clothing drawing people over the borders…

Arbitration: Slovenia’s Karl Erjavec Threatens Legal Proceedings Against Croatia

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The festive season doesn’t halt neighbourly rifts as tensions grow…

In Just Three Days, Nine People Cross into Croatia through Montenegro Illegally

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Nine foreign nationals were caught illegally crossing the state border between Montenegro and the Republic of Croatia in four separate ...

Heavy Traffic At Border Crossings and Towards Sea

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HAK calls for vigilance and patience on the roads this weekend.

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