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CNN Praises Famous Croatian SalajLand Christmas Lights

Lauren Simmonds

December the 21st, 2023 – CNN has never tried to hide its love for Croatia, and now summer is behind ...

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Is There Any Chance for a White Christmas in Croatia This Year?

Katarina Anđelković

December 20, 2023 – The holidays are approaching, and it would be nice to know if there is any chance ...

Ivica Galovic / PIXSELL

Croatian Traditions: Planting Christmas Wheat on Saint Lucy’s Day

Katarina Anđelković

As Večernji wrote, although pots of wheat can be bought for almost symbolic amounts at markets and in all retail ...

Exploring Croatian Recipes: Christmas Baking – Orascici (Little Walnuts)

Katarina Anđelković

Orah means walnut in Croatian. While walnuts are the main ingredient used to make them, the diminutive orascic (little walnut) ...


Croatian Lighting Design for Vatican Nativity Scene, Controlled from Pula

Katarina Anđelković

As HRT / Poslovni report, illuminating the scene of the birth of Jesus in the main Vatican square with the ...

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Croatian Festive Tourism Numbers Allows for Dose of Optimism

Lauren Simmonds

As Marija Crnjak/Poslovni Dnevnik writes, Croatian festive tourism numbers are promising, as they signal that Croatia had three times more tourist ...

Bogojavljenje (Epiphany) – Three Kings Day in Croatia

Total Croatia News

With the fireworks of New Year’s Eve almost one week behind us, Christmas already feels like it was quite a ...

Traditional School “Window Concert” of Christmas Carols Held in Vinkovci

Total Croatia News

The concert with singers standing by the school windows is traditionally organized on the fourth Advent Sunday, and only last ...


Red Cross Croatia Starts Distributing Christmas Gifts to Banovina Children

Total Croatia News

The campaign, launched ahead of the coming holidays and the first anniversary of a strong earthquake that hit the central region ...

Festive December Holidays Fun at 2021 Christmas in Ludbreg

Total Croatia News

Sitting just an hour’s drive northeast of the Croatian capital, the town of Ludbreg is easily among one of the ...

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